Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's mother's day

Not sure what that means, because if you are a mother, it's an everyday occurrence - for your entire life. This year does hold a special treasure in as much as I became a grandmother for the first time in February. And, I will again in August. Two little girls - Elle and Lucy. I do hope they bring joy and happiness to their parents because now that I am removed from the actual act of parenting (well almost) I can look back upon those times and say they were the best years of my life. I may not have been Mrs. Cleaver, but I tried the best I could.
One day I was reminded of a time when I traveled almost every weekend. Usually Adam went with, but I'm thinking this particular show was while he was still young enough to stay with my mom. It must have been winter because he created a survival kit for me to put in my van. It used to be with me always, and yet I couldn't remember what happened to it when I moved. I did have to get a new vehicle and perhaps that was when it ended up on a shelf in the garage; then I moved. Many things were given away, sold or lost in the shuffle and this really was an old can, not plastic, but a metal coffee can. Not Folgers, or maybe Folgers special in a dark brown can. So I was thinking about it and really wishing I could look at it one last time. It was the memory I was searching for.
Well, it's gardening season and while rummaging around looking for a trowel in the shed I came upon that can. The plastic was cracking, the edges were beginning to rust and it was dirty... but the contents were all there. Paper, pencils, Snickers bars, candles and toothpicks. I'm not sure why the toothpicks and I think I used the matches for something else at one time.. But I saved it mostly for the note...
Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who has had a child, lost a child, adopted a child, been a child. May God bless you and answer your heart's prayers - even if it's only to find a note from one of your children. 

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